Friday, July 25, 2014

What the evangelists get wrong

Wordpress This week, as the culmination of long running frustration at my ISP - who I've been paying good money to host my own domain - I finally pulled the plug and moved back to

And it feels like freedom. Freedom to concentrate on content rather than technology. Freedom to concentrate on what I want to say rather than how I'm saying it. Maintaining my own domain felt like an albatross around my neck. If Wordpress ever does anything I don't like, I'll simply move again. It's that sort of world now.

What the evangelists get wrong is technodeterminism.

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  1. Welcome back!! But what evangelists mainly get wrong is having an imaginary friend that they're determined to force on every else - and it's hard to think of "technodeterminism" as one of those. Although Charles Stross could probably convince me.