Thursday, May 14, 2015

Social media in education again already

Bluebottle I've just finished writing yet another invited review article on ... yawn ... social media in education. This paper could have been written 10 years ago. In fact, I think I did. Part of me wants to ask Why is this taking so long? 
And yet, the early days Internet analogy to the printing press answers that question. Wake me up when we've moved on.

Josefsson, P., Hrastinski, S., Pargman, D., & Pargman, T.C. (2015) The student, the private and the professional role: Students’ social media use. Education and Information Technologies, 1-12
Research has shown that students perceive a distinct divide between educational and private use of social media. The present study explores this divide by focusing on master students’ perception of roles when using social media in a higher education context. A qualitative method has been used, mainly comprising of analyses of home exams and interviews, which were conducted with students enrolled in the master’s course “Social media technologies”. Results support previous research stating that students perceived a distinct divide between educational and private use of social media, and furthermore provide a more detailed understanding of this divide. The results from the study also indicate that there is yet another type of use: social media as a tool for career-building purposes, or what is labeled as professional use. Implications of social media for use in higher education are described through the analysis of three roles as performed by the individual: the student role in educational settings, the professional role for career-building, and the private role.