Thursday, November 12, 2015

Keynes: the return of the master

Keynes the return of the master I've been a Keynsian since before I had labels to put on these things, but I've been slow catching up with Robert Skidelsky's commentary on the current financial crisis.

Robert Skidelsky. (2010) Keynes: the return of the master is divided into three sections. The first is scene-setting history and biography. The second is likely to be rather heavy going for non-economists, but it was the third section that really grabbed me. Here, Skidelsky goes beyond analysis of the current crisis to propose solutions for our woes (and also has a pop at a few neo-Keynsians such as Stiglitz). But Skidelsky also goes way beyond economics with a discussion of religion, duty, ethics and post Utilitarianism, particularly G.E. Moore's influence on Keynes.

Skidelsky also has a shot at asking How much is enough?, suggesting that Keynes didn't quite hit that nail on the head. How Much is Enough? Money and the Good Life (2012) is on my C-word reading list now.

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