Monday, June 13, 2016

Microsoft Office Mix

Office Mix Microsoft Office Mix looks interesting, but after 5 minutes of scratching the surface, seems to have holes in it.

Doesn't currently work on Macs? (it's not even fully cross-browser compatible). It's not clear if it works with Office 2016 on OS X or not. That may have just killed it.

It's not clear what MS means by "polls". They seem to mean multiple-user input quizzes for online presentations (as in "Facebook poll"), rather than live event polls a la TurningPoint - but I may have got that wrong?

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  1. It certainly didn't work well on the mac with Office 2016 when I tried. The main issue was like anything with video in, it wasn't autoplaying, so, you had to have a link to a video to ensure that Mac & Windows users could both see it. If I used their option of converting the whole presentation to video, then some polls etc,. didn't work. (And I wasn't sure about the accessibility of it) I've not revisited it, though, for a while.