Monday, July 04, 2016

Xenotransplantation and the future of human organ transplants

Figshare It's always a pleasure when a student working on a final year project produces a piece of work which is worthy of a wider audience beyond examiners. I was in this fortunately position this year. Unfortunately, I was not in the position of being able to spend months of my time on the tortuous process of negotiating a paper into a traditional journal, so we decided to go down the Open Access route. My first thought was to try the relatively new bioRxiv, but the paper was rejected by them because they do not publish theses (so only partly open access then). After that it was back to the trusty figshare:

Morgan, Owen; Cann, Alan J. (2016): Xenotransplantation and the future of human organ transplants. figshare.

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